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Good to know about our monograms

Your monogram is delivered both as a png- and jpg-file.

The difference between the png and the jpg

If you want to print the monogram directly on white or coloured paper stock it doesn't matter if you use the png (transparent background) or the jpg (white background). "White" colour is ignored by your printer and is therefore invisible on your print.

If you want to place your monogram on another image the white background in the jpg will be visible. Use the png for a transparent background.

Here is a sample:

Monogram image in jpg-format results in a white background Monogram image in jpg-format also works on colour paper stock Monogram image in png-format (transparent background)
on grey background
= the background does not show through
printed on yellow paper stock
= the paper colour shows through
on grey background
= the background shows through

There are two types of images available in the MonogramStudio image library:

  • All images in the group Background images are images with white background. If an image from this group is used in your monogram, the background will always be white in the final monogram (for both jpg and png).
  • All other images, elements and text are images with transparent background.

Monogram size

The monogram is created with the size 650x650 pixels.

  • For offset print (300dpi) maximum size is 2.17x2.17 inches.
  • For output to a digital printer the resolution is sufficient for 3.15x3.15 inches.
  • If you need an image file with more pixels, please contact us!

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